Halloween Driving Tips | Paducah, KY

Safe Driving Tips for Halloween Trick-or-Treating

While the spookiest of times during Halloween are reserved for ghost stories, this holiday can be a dangerous time for drivers and pedestrians alike. So, if you must be on the road this Halloween, be sure to observe these safe driving tips for Halloween.


Minimize distractions

Most states have laws banning the use of cellphones while behind the wheel, and pretty much every other gadget that isn’t hands-free, but that doesn’t mean we always follow the rules. For a holiday that is so dependent on children and parents being able to freely walk around the neighborhood, be sure to tuck your phone into your glovebox for the night and keep your eyes peeled for trick-or-treaters.


Drive slowly

Dive slowly in residential neighborhoods. You can expect the excitable kids to not look or think twice before darting across the road to hit the next sugar jackpot. Drive at a safe speed (slower than the speed limit), so you have plenty of time to safely stop if an over-zealous candy-getter darts into the road unexpectedly.


Don’t pass other cars

Parents will be driving their kids to the best spots for them to enjoy the holiday, and they will be stopping along the side of the street frequently to drop off and pick up passengers. Treat every stopped vehicle like a school bus and assume there is a child ready to cross from the other side.


Signal other drivers

Not only is this a good practice every day of the year, but it’s especially important around Halloween. If you’re pulling over to let out the kids on a particular street or block, signal that you’re turning over and then turn your hazard lights on to let the drivers in front and behind you know that you’re stopping for a brief time.


Don’t drink and drive

You’re not only risking your own life, but the lives of those around you, especially on such an involved holiday such as Halloween. If you plan to celebrate the evening with adult beverages, designate a sober driver, call a cab, or celebrate within walking distance of where you’re staying. Don’t risk it.

Linwood Chrysler Dodge Jeep® Ram wishes everyone a safe, spooky Halloween.